Game Cancellations - 11/12 May 2018

Due to current school closures and wild weather the committee have cancelled all games this weekend for the safety of NSJSA participants.

NSJSA Executive

image of wild weather text (umbrella, rain, wind)
The 2018 Schedule of Delegate Meetings

All meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the Month at the METRO Soccer Club (unless otherwise stated) from 6.30pm and all parents are welcome to come and observe.

Cancellations & Safety

Evening matches – cancellations advised via 936 ABC and HOFM between 4:00pm and 5:00pm on afternoon of matches.
Saturday matches – cancellations advised via 936 ABC and HOFM between 8.00am and 9.00am on morning of matches.

It is not possible for the association to check each ground prior to each game; referees/coaches are responsible for checking and ensuring the safety of all grounds prior to starting matches. If, in the view of the referee/coaches, the ground is not safe for play, the match should be abandoned and the Roster Secretary advised immediately.

Coaches should always check grounds carefully and safely remove all items which may cause injury.