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Northern Suburbs Junior Soccer Association

At NSJSA, soccer isn’t just about scoring goals; it’s about building character, friendships, and a love for the game that lasts a lifetime. Here, every player is a vital part of our community, contributing to a legacy of teamwork and excellence. Ready to play, learn, and grow? Join us on the field.

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Where Passion and Community Meet on the Field

Welcome to the Northern Suburbs Junior Soccer Association (NSJSA), your premier destination for junior soccer in the northern suburbs of Hobart, Tasmania. At NSJSA, we are passionate about fostering the love for soccer among young athletes. As a proud member of the Football Federation of Tasmania, we offer a vibrant community where over 100 teams across approximately 8 clubs thrive. Our association is deeply rooted in local schools and communities, promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal development on and off the field. Dive into the world of NSJSA, where the future of soccer shines bright in black and white.

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Aim for excellence, achieve together

Your soccer dreams are valid here. At NSJSA, we’re not just about winning; we’re about helping each player reach their full potential, on and off the pitch. It’s about dedication, hard work, and the collective joy of the game. Looking for a place to shine, improve, and make every match count? Your team awaits.


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